"There is no reason why more women shouldn't join the Mallorca312"

We review with Heidi Verena Bader her experience in Mallorca312 back in 2013, whe she was the first woman to complete the Mallorca167 - Huerzeler Bicycle Holidays on an epic day marked by the weather conditions.

How was the experience at the Mallorca312?
My experience at the Mallorca312 was simply phenomenal! I traveled to Mallorca with my boyfriend without any expectations and I came back with the first place at the short distance race.

Why did you decide to participate at this event?
My boyfriend did it already the year before. So I decided to try the short distance race. I wasn't yet really experienced in cycling races. I participated mostly in triathlon races before.

Did you ride in the company of other women?
Not really. In the first 20 neutralised kilometers I was in the peloton. After that, I was often alone or trying to chase the boys.

What do you think about women´s participation in the event?
It's great to see that there are a few women participating in the event. First and foremost at the short distance. But it would be nice to see even more girls there.

Which ones do you think are the highlights of the route?
It's the whole course itself. That year (2013), the weather was quit ugly but nevertheless I saw a wonderful countryside. It's a little paradise for cyclists. And of course the organisation is perfect.

What do you think of the atmosphere?
The event isn't overcrowded and the atmosphere is absolutely great. Everything turns about cycling in the days before. While I was racing, I was so concetrated on finishing that I didn't really realize the atmosphere.

Which one is your best memory of that day?
When my boyfriend, after his race, gave me a kiss to congratulate me. It was so touching to see him beeing proud of me.

How´s your daily training?
It depens at wich phase of training I am. Basically, I try to be as much as possible on a bike

Did you do any specific preparation for Mallorca312?

How important is the Mallorca312 in your annual sportives calendar?
For me it is absolutely important because it's the season opening. It's the first time in the year to test if the preparation tduring the previous months was right or not.

Would you recommend more women to participate in this event?
For sure. There is no reason why more women shouldn't do it.