Not afraid of the Mallorca 312 - Giant - Taiwan

Not afraid of the Mallorca 312 - Giant - Taiwan

A year ago I was pretty scared. I imagine that many of you felt the same at your debut in the Mallorca 312. My first advice: change fear into respect. Only in this way you can enjoy the adventure 100%. I had never done so many kilometres on a bike and my first thought after crossing the finishing line was: “next year I want to come back”. I like challenges

In my second participation I just think about enjoying it and spending the day doing that what I like most, just cycling.

Advices for the first time

Some advices I can give you to tackle the Mallorca 312 come from my own experience before and during the cyclosportive. I also have to admit that my years as a pro cyclist are an advantage, but I still have many things to learn. Now I am just an amateur more.

I imagine that you all have done any kilometres and in these last weeks you doubt if you have done it right or wrong. I assure you that you have done it right. The question is to do many kilometres at a moderate pace. Last year I tried to cycle three days in a row, about 4-6 hours every day. If I think about the distance, some week I tried to do more than 300 kilometres in three days and some other weeks in two days. It is necessary to get the body used to it.

On the day of the Mallorca 312 just keep calm. My advice is that you eat carbohydrates the night before, but not too much. Try to go early to bed and have the best possible rest. My alarm woke me up at 5 am and I had a good breakfast, a bit more than usual. There are many feeding stations and it is better to dose the food intake. Be careful with the caffeine gels, drinks with gas... This was my mistake last year. I have learnt and I hope not to do it again.

Follow your own pace

Face the first mountains as i fit was a simple workout. Relax; enjoy the breath-taking views. You will have enough time to feel your legs hurting. Another important point is to be with other people that have your same pace. This means that you are able to keep a conversation with them, this is the best company.

If you are able to leave the mountains behind, everything is easier from then on. Just think that the worst is already over and that there are only a few more climbs that you tackle by inertia and tiredness. Just keep stopping at the feeding stations, eat, drink and don’t lose the good group.

The party awaiting you in Artà is amazing. You have to experience it and feel how the mountains of the first kilometres are already forgotten.

Good luck to all. No fear. I only tell you one thing... Who tastes it, want to repeat!

Silvia Tirado

Silvia Tirado CEO Tándem Magazine.
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