A persevering woman and the history of her record at the Mallorca312 2014

A persevering woman and the history of her record at the Mallorca312 2014

Marta Muixí was one of the 2,000 cyclists who participated last year in the Mallorca312, although certainly the only one who rode 328 kilometers instead of the 312 corresponding to the complete lap around the island. At Porto Cristo she got distracted and went off the route. Many people tried to dissuade her from trying to resume the tour at the point where she got lost and recommended her to shorten the route by riding along an alternative path. But Marta was bound and determined: she wanted to complete the challenge of the 312 kilometers and especially she did not want to miss the big party at the last feed station in Artà.

An heroic task taking into account that her previous training had been to ride only 30 kilometers and that she did not know how to ride in a peloton. She is not a cyclist! She is a mountain runner, she is used to compete in races that last up to 40 hours with little rest. "I have the fitness because I am used to spend hours running, but it was not until a month before the Mallorca312 that they taught me what click pedals are. Before that, I always rode with my sneakers" she says.

Her friends Enric and Raül, regular participants of the Mallorca312 - the two last editions they rode on a tandem bike - convinced Marta to hop onto a bike and to participate in her first cyclosportive. The adventure began in Manresa where they went by bike to Barcelona to take the ferry. Once they reached Palma, they went again by bike to Playa de Muro.

This year she will participate again at the Mallorca312, but this time there is a new challenge: she will ride on the tandem bike with Raül. "At the moment, we have practiced only a little, but we want to try 100 kilometers these days to see how it goes. I have also to prepare for a 90 kilometer mountain running race that will take place on the 11th April".

The memory of last year still moves her. She arrived after 14:03 hours, three minutes over the time, but 13:58 if one considers that she started in the middle of a huge peloton that needed ten minutes to cross the start line "when I was arriving at Artà, I heard pelple shouting from a car, giving me encouragement. It was civil protection; Xisco, the director of the Mallorca312, took care that I retuned to the right route and the car escorted me to the finish ". For this year's adventure she promises: "At least not to get lost, but let's see how we manage the downhills," she jokes.