• Xisco Lliteras

    General director

    He is the conductor of the Mallorca312. He uses an iPhone with double battery instead of a baton. Do not search him at the arrival from 4 pm, he will be in Artà.

  • Miquel Alzamora

    Sports director

    Former professional cyclist, founder of the Mallorca312. He knows every inch and every intersection of the route. Only he understands his notes.

  • Manu Martín

    Director of communications

    ESPN sports reporter. He lives in Connecticut and sets the timing of our press releases via Skype. Football fan and supporter of Sporting de Gijón.

  • Gabriel Barceló

    Marketing manager

    Design, communication, sponsoring, production... He can fix everything, from a flat tire till a broken chain. Multi-tasking on wheels.

  • Laura Meseguer

    PR & Media coordinator

    Our cycling reporter. She does not follow the Tour on TV, she prefers to interview the leader at the end of each stage. If you are a journalist or photographer, she is your contact.

  • Alexandra Alemany

    Organisation and communication

    She can do more than two things at once and she can answer you in four languages. If she would not have to work, she would be the only one in the team who would be riding the Mallorca312.

  • José M. Alconchel

    Assistance coordinator

    Alias "Panxa". Majorcan imported from Jerez. A tireless worker. He is the strongest of all us. Just call him if you need to run in your car.

  • Climent Alzamora

    Volunteers coordinator

    Work enthusiast, he controls from the logistics till the perfect cooking of the paellas. You will find him at the feed points in Ses Salines and Cap Blanc.

  • Miquel Toni Lliteras

    Feed points coordinator

    Nobody stands up earlier than him the day of Mallorca312. At 4 am in the morning he starts the vehicles carrying supplies.

  • Maria Ferrà

    Travel & incoming services

    Person responsible of our official agency, SomosGrupo. If you are looking for accommodation, bike rental, shuttles, routes or any other service in Mallorca, she is your contact.

  • Vidaraid Team

    Green peloton Mallorca312

    The professional team of the Adventure Racing World Series sets the pace to finish the 312 kilometer in the established 14 hours. Last year’s motto was "Come on Vikings!"